Breathing Shake

This page describes how you can adjust the camera shake while you stand still, imitating breathing.

To edit the curve, double-click the curve in Motion\Blueprints\Curves\Curve_BreathingShake. This will open the curve editor.

The Red line, X, translates to the Roll added to the camera.

The Green line, Y, translated to the Pitch added to the camera.

The default breathing cycle takes 6 seconds. 3 seconds moving up, 3 seconds moving down.

You can adjust the length by moving both points to the left or right, depending on if you want it to be shorter or longer.

Alternatively, you can hold CTRL and click both points and then change the time value at the top of the editor.

Adjusting the value of the Green line will change how high the character look up while breathing.

Adjusting the value of the Red line will change how much to the right the character will look while breathing.

You can add additional points to the curve to create a different breathing pattern.

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