Getting Started

Hello and welcome!

Thank you so much for buying Motion! We can't wait to get you started so let's just dive right into it!

Adding Motion to a project

To create a project with Motion, open the Epic Games Launcher and head to your Library.

Scroll down to your Vault and locate Motion by scrolling down or typing Motion into the search bar.

Click "Add to Project", and select the project you wish to add Motion to.

Opening your project, if you can see a EpicGames and Motion folder in your content browser, you have successfully added Motion to your project!

Default Controls

The controls for Motion are as follows:

Enable required plugins

Motion makes use of the Animation Locomotion Library, Animation Warping, Enhanced Input and MetaSound plugins that ship with UE5. In order to use Motion in a project, it is required to enable a set of plugins to ensure all features work properly.

To do so, open the Plugins tab from the Settings dropdown.

Then find the following plugins, enable them by clicking the checkbox and restart the Unreal Editor.

  • Animation Locomotion Library

  • Animation Warping

  • MetaSound

  • Enhanced Input

Note: Depending on the version of Unreal Engine you use, some of these plugins may not exist anymore as they are part of the engine now. In that case, you do not need to enable them.

Now, head to your Project Settings, go to Input (under Engine) and update the default classes to the new Enhanced variants.

Setting up your Game Mode


This section is only for users who wish to use Motion in an existing project.

In order for Unreal Engine to load the Motion character blueprint we need to either adjust your existing game mode blueprint to point to Motion or set up your project to use the provided game mode from Motion.

If you want to use the provided BP_MotionGameMode, open your project settings

head to the Maps & Modes section

and select BP_MotionGameMode.

If you press Play or Alt + P your character should now be using the provided Motion character.

You can verify this by two options we leave enabled by default.

First thing you will see is a crosshair in form of a dot in the center of your viewport.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Motion to your project!

To learn more about each component that comes with Motion, check out the pages you can find in the Components section of the sidebar to your left.

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